Science Fiction Theatre presents: Phase IV

Science Fiction Theatre
84 mins

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"Think of it as the 2001: A Space Odyssey of treacherous ant movies"

Den of Geek

When a desert ant population teams up with others of their species to create a super colony, two scientists (Nigel Davenport and Michael Murphy) search for an explanation to the evolutionary shift that has allowed the ants to adopt a hive mind. But when a lone survivor (Lynne Frederick) takes refuge in their lab the ants begin to infiltrate, and the scientists are faced with the choice of either communicating with, or eradicating their antagonists…

The film will be preceded by a talk from Dr Yannick Wurm, Senior Lecturer in Bioinformatics at Queen Mary University of London, who will provide an overview of the fascinatingly diverse lifestyles of ants, and how we are using modern genetic tools to understand how this diversity comes to be.

This special screening is presented by Science Fiction Theatre - a monthly film club dedicated to the exploration and celebration of classic science fiction cinema.

Nigel Davenport, Michael Murphy, Lynne Frederick
Saul Bass