Zodiac Film Club: Cracks

104 mins

Film times


24 Sep

We're celebrating back to school in traditional Zodiac style with sapphic psychological thriller Cracks (2009). The first and so far only feature by Jordan Scott (daughter of Ridley) we love Cracks for its pressure-cooker tension, oestrogen-heavy aesthetics and the way it verges on the surreal. In a 1930s boarding school on a remote island, a clique has formed around glamorous diving teacher Miss G (Eva Green). Emotions flare when a new pupil heats up the competition for Miss G's attractions. Bring your brand new stationary and watch with us at 6.45 on Tuesday 24th September.

Beginning with a shared love of horror, pulp, thrills and mystery, Sarah Kathryn Cleaver and Jordan Storm Louise set up the Zodiac Film Club. You can expect carefully chosen screenings every month, a film for each sign. We select good looking films, complex female characters and our favourites in forgotten classics, cult and contemporary cinema to share with you, and invite you to talk about it with us afterwards.

Eva Green, Juno Temple, Maria Valverde, Imogen Poots, Ellie Nunn
Jordan Scott