70 mins

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This screening is presented with closed captions and a BSL interpreted Q&A with the filmmaker.

Mesmerisingly witchy Transfinite shows infinite ways of being, cleverly rebelling against trans film stereotypes. Neelu Bhuman leads an international collaborative project with Trans People Of Colour, creating a magical sci-fi anthology. Boldly expressive with stunning animation, it’s a spiritual and supernatural resistance against the current state of the world. It’s a call back to the ancestral powers which TPOC are routinely denied, obscured or ridiculed by colonial forces and institutional racism. Each of the seven stories in this omnibus film has a call to magic realism and the metaphysical which manifests trans folx’ fantasies to create a world that is safer and lovelier for all.

Neelu Bhuman
English / Spanish / Swahili
USA / UK / India