John Smith: Lost in Leytonstone

Open City Documentary Festival
120 mins

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John Smith’s films and videos, known for their formal ingenuity, anarchic wit and oblique narratives, create mysterious and sometimes fantastical scenarios from documentary records of everyday life. His work is usually triggered by personal experiences, often occurring in or around his east London domestic environment. Chance encounters with buildings, objects and events frequently become the basis upon which his ideas are developed. The trio of films in this programme all focus on the built environment and were made between 1985 and 1996, while Smith was living in short-life housing in Leytonstone.

The Black Tower (1985-87 | UK | 24’ | 16mm transferred to HD video)
Slow Glass (1988-91 | UK | 40’ | 16mm transferred to HD video)
Blight (1994-96 | UK | 14’ | 16mm transferred to HD video)

John Smith