Doc 'N Roll: The Ventures - Stars on Guitars + Q&A

88 mins

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7 Nov

The band that launched a thousand bands and outsold the Beatles 2 to 1 in Japan turns 60 years old in surf-rock style! Formed in 1958 in Tacoma, Washington, The Ventures became gods of instrumental guitar with their smash-hit single ‘Walk, Don’t Run’ - still cited as one of the top songs ever recorded on guitar. Over the course of the sixties, the prolific quartet - founding members Don Wilson and Bob Bogle, joined by Nokie Edwards and Mel Taylor on drums - continued to shape the course of rock with their influential sound and technical innovations: the band introduced fuzz and flanging to American rock music, and were early adopters of the concept album and the twelve-string guitar. To this day, they remain the best-selling instrumental band of all time.

In Stars on Guitars, director Staci Layne Wilson (daughter of Don) traces the legacy of one of the most influential bands of all time, with the help of interviews from members and famous fans like Billy Bob Thornton, Eric Roberts and Jimmy Page.

Staci Layne Wilson