#SOUNDTRACKS - World Premiere

60 mins

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Tristan C. Anderson launches his new #SOUNDTRACKS project, the world’s first music video documentary album. Join us for a World Premiere of eight documentary/music videos from leading British filmmakers.

#SOUNDTRACKS is the new solo album from Tristan C. Anderson blending folk, electronica and trip-hop with orchestral strings. With eight accompanying documentary/music videos from leading British filmmakers, including BAFTA & EMMY winners. In each short documentary film / music video Tristan’s music acts as a score to the documentary, the documentary acts as visuals for the music. The result is a unique album and film experience with diverse and varied documentary landscapes both musically and visually.

About Tristan C. Anderson:
Tristan C. Anderson, is the founder of Doc Heads the UK’s leading documentary screening, networking and membership organisation. He is a London based BAFTA winning film director, producer and musician.

Matt Kay
George MacCallum
Christopher Tew
Chris Purcell
Paul Reson
Duncan Cowles
Jessica Bishopp
Andrew Hinton

English / Japanese
UK / Japan / USA