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Fringe! (Tending)(to)(Ta) + Q&A

65 mins

An interdimensional correspondence between two beings sharing queer kinship and rooted in β€˜ta’, the monosyllabic sound which in Mandarin Chinese encompasses all third person pronouns: ? (third person male), ? (third person female), and ?(more-than-human lifeforms and objects).

This experimental, narrative-led speculative fiction follows an exchange of internal letters between two protagonists who imagine one another across parallel dimensions. Each communicates to an envisioned other, who exists as a possibility beyond their self-perceived boundaries of reality, and these two beings meet in a shared world of imagination. In this reciprocal reach for the unknown, a world that bears an uncanny resemblance to our contemporary reality – colonised by Western capitalist constructs of race, gender and class, and characterised by a collective distance from Ta – opens a portal to another realm.

There is something familiar in the strangeness of the worlds portrayed after the strangemess of the past two years, and a beautiful imagination spaceto seep into our lives from the meditative pace and queer, nature-infused rituals of this expansive film.

Commissioned by Obsidian Coast. This film has been generously supported by Arts Council England and The Elephant Trust with in-kind support from Ugly Duck and Obsidian Coast,

Content note: flashing images, hair-pulling/ritual self-harm

Samiir Saunders, Puer Deorum, Clarinda Tse, Chantel Foo, April Lin ??
April Lin ??