Pitchblack Mixtapes: Deep Space Voyage

60 mins

Join Pitchblack Playback founder Ben Gomori on a audio trip into deep space as part of The Castle Cinema's 'Summer Of Sci-Fi' season.

Pitchblack Mixtapes takes the album listening session in the dark concept of Pitchblack Playback and transports it into the DJ medium. Come on a 60-minute journey through space-themed music and sound, in the dark, selected and mixed live by Gomori. Expect music from classic sci-fi and space films soundtracks alongside interpretations of 'futuristic' music from a range of genres, eras and artists, spliced with field recordings and interview clips.

For a taste of what to expect, check previous Pitchblack Mixtapes sessions recorded at fabric, Number 10 London and during their lockdown streams, which have picked up over 20,000 listens to date.

LATECOMERS WILL NOT BE ADMITTED. Ticket price includes Pitchblack Playback eye mask for extra darkness.