Jellied Reels presents: Letter Never Sent

96 mins

Letter Never Sent is a visually dazzling and dizzying clash between the elemental forces of Mother Nature and the Human Spirit.

Four committed geologists are sent to the expanses of Siberia in search of new diamond reserves. While their exploratory fervour burns bright amongst the bleak boreal forest, a love-triangle also begins to blossom within the group. However, with their task on the brink of completion, nature's unpredictable hand forces the expedition deeper into the wilderness and triggers a desperate bid for survival.

Directed by Mikhail Kalatozov, internationally renowned for his collaborations with stylish cinematographer Sergei Urushevsky on The Cranes are Flying and Soy Cuba, shot many of the astonishing scenes in the less-often screened Letter Never Sent on location in the barren Russian hinterland.

A significant influence on later western films such as The Revenant and Andrei Tarkovsky's early work, Letter Never Sent is a surprising examination of our relationship to the environment, the pursuit of progress, as well as a universal adventure of the highest order.

"The most profound examination of man against nature ever filmed." - Dennis Jakob

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Mikhail Kalatozov