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Jellied Reels: The Comedy

95 mins

A darkly hypnotic portrayal of apathy and irony, Rick Alverson's The Comedy scrutinises the detached voyeurism of our dislocated modern era.

Tim Heidecker stars as Swanson, an aging, over-indulged, trust-fund layabout boozing his way through Brooklyn. Enrolled on a caustic treatment of soul-searching, Swanson swirls ever more erratically amongst the dregs of his urban bubble.

Heidecker shines in a remarkably confrontational performance, bringing his natural impulse for impish, close-to-the-bone improv. Tightly composed, The Comedy sits opposite the audience, watching you watching back, with Alverson wanting to "peel back the layers of comfort cinema".

"One of the most self-indulgent, pretentious and unfunny movies of the year." - San Francisco Chronicle

"Transgressively brilliant... an itchy critique of entitlement." - Aaron Hillis

"A wolf in sheep’s clothing, a piece of filmmaking that critiques the very game it plays." - Bright Wall/Dark Room

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Rick Alverson