Jellied Reels presents: Aprile

78 mins

Elaborating on the success of the widely acclaimed Caro Diario, Nanni Moretti revitalised his eccentric on-screen alter ego in Aprile. Shot over 3 years and featuring his own family, Nanni struggles with the triple traumas of first-time fatherhood, the never-ending fiasco of Italian politics and his own creative block.

Determined to finish a satirical musical about a Trotskyite pastry chef set in 1950's Rome, Nanni instead becomes mired in producing a state-of-the-nation documentary that takes him from the ports of Puglia to Hyde Park's Speakers' Corner - with plenty of self-inflicted distraction along the way.

A flurry of sly levity and earnest reflection concocted charmingly aboard Moretti's Vespa, Aprile is an invigorating twist of the personal and political that makes for a perfect Easter digestivo.

"Morettiā€™s blend of passion, principle, and pleasure is a lofty political project." - Richard Brody, The New Yorker

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Nanni Moretti