Cine-real presents: City Lights

86 mins

Yes, it's another film we're going to describe as an all-time classic. Because it is.

A lovable tramp falls for a blind woman who sells flowers on the street and who mistakes him for a millionaire. Upon learning that she and her grandmother are to be evicted, the tramp undertakes a series of attempts to provide them with the money they need, all of which end in humiliating failure.

Both funny and touching, this showcases Chaplin at his best. - Empire

Ciné-Real is one of the only film clubs in the UK to exclusively play films from original 16mm prints. They are a non-profit organisation which aims to unite film makers and enthusiasts in their appreciation of classic film.

Charles Chaplin, Virginia Cherrill, Florence Lee, Harry Myers, Allan Garcia, Hank Mann, Robert Parrish, Albert Austin, Eddie Baker, Henry Bergman, Jam
Charles Chaplin