Jellied Reels: Vendredi Soir (Friday Night)

90 mins

Unfolding almost wordlessly over the course of a Friday night in a gridlocked Paris (thanks to a transport strike, of course), Laure (Valérie Lemercier) packs up her apartment and prepares to move in with a man. As she sits in traffic, Jean (Vincent Lindon) appears in the headlights. She spends the night with him.

With Claire Denis' (Beau Travail, White Material, High Life) typical magnetism, Vendredi Soir is delicately poised and considered without feeling contrived. Beautifully shot by cinematographer Agnès Godard, the camera floats through traffic jams, along hotel corridors and over entangled limbs with a tactile grace.

A deft and defiant reinvention of the fairytale urban love story.

"Denis constructs a world where desire unfolds in a radical present." - cléo journal.

"A lyrical ode to unexpected pleasures." - New York Film Festival

"A pointillist evocation of bustling urban twilight." - Irish Film Institute

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Claire Denis