Jellied Reels presents: I pugni in tasca (Fists in the Pocket)

109 mins
Italian, Latin (English subs)

Made when the director was only 26, yet already pulsing with a fiercely refined energy, Marco Bellocchio's remarkable (quasi-autobiographical) first film about a family of bourgeois lunatics is as delightfully disturbing as it is fascinatingly intimate.

Set in a crumbling villa in the hills of Emilia-Romagna, Lou Castel stars as Alessandro, the tormented younger son of a once wealthy family. Sandro's troubling impulses continually cause alarm, but also grant distraction and an uneasy freedom to his siblings Augusto, Guilia and Leone. Simultaneously alienating and binding his family ever closer together, Alessandro's atavistic contortions slowly reveal the primal anxieties bubbling away under the surface of a Catholic family and society.

With ripples of Italy's fascist history and an anticipation of the political waves of 1968 in the bathwater, Fists in the Pocket is a taut psychodrama that was radically ahead of its time.

“Exhilaratingly cool and assured… One of the most astonishing directorial debuts in the history of movies.” – Pauline Kael

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Marco Bellocchio
Italian, Latin