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Cine-real presents: Man with a Movie Camera

68 mins

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"Man with a Movie Camera" is an experimental silent documentary film directed by Dziga Vertov and edited by his wife, Elizaveta Svilova. The film presents a day in the life of a Soviet city through a series of innovative cinematic techniques, including double exposure, fast motion, slow motion, freeze frames, jump cuts, split screens, and other montage effects. It captures the hustle and bustle of urban life, from dawn to dusk, showcasing various aspects of modernity and the capabilities of the cinematic medium. The film is renowned for its pioneering techniques and its celebration of filmmaking itself.

Cine-real is one of the only film clubs in the UK to exclusively play films from original 16mm prints. They are a non-profit organisation which aims to unite film makers and enthusiasts in their appreciation of classic film.

Mikhail Kaufman, Elizaveta Svilova
Dziga Vertov