Welcome to the Castle Cinema blog!

Imagine the smell of freshly made popcorn, maybe a glass of delicious wine or a mug of Dark Arts coffee. That’s right… consider this blog an equivalent addition to the cinema experience, albeit a digital version that you can’t eat. Honestly, stop licking your screen now.

Why a blog?

There are many reasons we wanted to begin this project. In part it’s providing a space for information that doesn’t fit on the website. In part it’s so that we have somewhere to talk about our film seasons and to champion our soon-to-launch community screenings. We’ve also always wanted somewhere to celebrate the wonderful creativity of our team. But mainly, really, it’s just an excuse to talk about films.

But, Dear Cinema, when do you actually open?

A fine question. We are allowed to open from May 17th, and our plan is to open on (or very, very near) this date. There are some absolutely amazing films to play, we have new wine, even more beer and tasty food! Look out for updates here, on our social media platforms and via our newsletter.

Frances Mcdormand walking with a lantern in her hand