[updated 3rd June]

Hey folks!

As you know, we’ve got a new ticket system, which is very exciting!

It does mean there’s a few teething problems, so we wanted to keep everyone up to date on what we know about:

  • Members can’t use more than one free ticket in a transaction
  • Existing members can’t renew their membership online. We can do it at the box office, so please pop in or email us while we get this sorted. (This only affects people who had an active membership in March 2020 - if your membership ended before then, just buy a new one.)
  • Your patron number is not your card number. If you had an active membership in March 2020, you should’ve been sent your patron number via email. If you buy a new membership it will be emailed to you.

If you have an issue not mentioned here, please email us at hello@thecastlecinema.com or use our snazzy new feedback system to report it in your browser (annoyingly this only works on the front half of the website - doh!)

Thanks for bearing with us.

Much love,

Ash & Dee, and the Castle Cinema team xx