Come with us on an adventure through space and time as we explore the outer reaches of the universe in our Summer Of Sci-Fi season!

Taking place throughout June, July and August, we have films and events brought to you by all of our favourite film clubs: Science Fiction Theatre, Zodiac, Pinc, No Bollocks, Queer Horror Nights, Pitchblack Playback and, of course, the all-mighty Cine-real with a real 16mm treat.

Classic films, modern films, animations, music; truly something for everyone, and we’re not even finished yet. There are still some gems out there we’ve our trusty tractor beam aiming to bring home, so look out for further announcements soon!A scintillating vortex of cinematic joy awaits to envelope your senses and open your mind… see you there!



10: Science Fiction Theatre Presents Village Of The Damned, 19:00

15: Pinc Presents Mars Attacks! 18:45

21: No Bollocks Film Club Presents Ikarie XB-1 19:00

24: Queer Horror Nights Presents The Fly 19:00

30: Cine-Real Presents Plan 9 From Outer Space 19:30


8: Science Fiction Theatre Presents Looker 19:00

9: No Bollocks Film Club Presents Godzilla (1954) 14:00

20: Pinc Presents Rocky Horror Sing-a-long 18:45

26: No Bollocks Film Club Presents Fantastic Planet 19:15


12: Science Fiction Theatre Presents Midnight Special 18:30

17: Pinc Presents The Stepford Wives (2004) 19:00

19: Queer Horror Nights Presents Possessor 19:00

23: No Bollocks Film Club Presents Melancholia 18:30

Check back for more updates soon!