Our ticket prices are changing on Friday 1st October, 2021. In general there will be a £1 increase, though there are some exceptions, detailed below.

Why now?

This is the first time we have updated our prices since the cinema opened in 2017.

We have recently provided a pay rise to our team, and have made a commitment to review this again before the end of the year, following this price rise, with the aim of reaching London Living Wage. The additional money is going directly to the team, and we believe that guests to our cinema would support this move.

What are the exceptions?

We have kept our cheap Monday prices (£5 for Members & £6 for everyone else). We understand that our Monday offer enables people to take a chance on films they may not see otherwise, and that those with less income can attend without worry.

We have kept our child ticket prices the same as we know how much a family outing can quickly add up!

How can I save money?

If you attend the cinema two or more times a year, we would recommend that you become a Member.

If you are aged 15-24 then check out our new membership scheme just for you.