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Doc'n Roll Festival

Fri, 5 Nov

No Spicy No Fun: Rebel Riot in the UK + director Q&A

As protests erupted on the streets of Myanmar, this film follows The Rebel Riot, a punk band from Yangon formed under the military dictatorship, on a 2017 whistle-stop tour of the UK. "This is documentary as history in the making," say its directors. As The Rebel Riot unleash their own blend of Buddhism and anarchy on the birthplace of punk rock, we see them shine a light on the hopes and frustrations of a generation of young people in their native country. The film will be followed by an in-person Q&A with directors Roberta Bononi and Kim Ford.

Sat, 6 Nov

Love in Bright Landscapes - David McComb of The Triffids

In a short life, David McComb gave up secrets in the shape of his songs, as the singer-songwriter and driving force of the great Australian band, The Triffids. McComb believed in the power of the song, and in The Triffids’ 1986 masterpiece Born Sandy Devotional he found a new Australian voice: a poetically inspired vision of desolate, broken-hearts cast against the bright expanse of beaches, deserts and highways. Using his familiar Western Australian landscape as the canvas for his towering psychodramas, the tragedy and triumph of McComb’s driven, passionate life is brought to the screen with McComb’s poetry and newly discovered letters read by Australian-born Man Booker Prize-winning novelist DBC Pierre; interwoven with excerpts from no less than 75 of David's songs. But McComb’s health faltered and after a heart transplant in 1996, he died in 1999, days short of his 37th birthday - leaving a slew of unanswered questions and unrecorded songs. Love in Bright Landscapes reveals the man behind the songs - via beautifully restored 35mm slides, delightfully evocative home movies and heart-rending interviewees with colleagues, family, and friends.

Sat, 13 Nov

Faith and Branko + director/artist Q&A

A spirited and remarkably intimate portrait of English accordionist Faith Elliott and Roma violinist Branko Ristic, who are a cross-cultural duo in music and in life. The film picks up the story’s beginnings in 2011 when Faith and Branko meet at a school for Gypsy music in Serbia, and charts their relationship from the earliest days - when interactions were carried out via Google Translate - to their wedding and musical career as Faith i Branko. With opposition from Branko’s aunt, a lack of opportunities and significant cultural differences, we see both the depth of their musical chemistry and the sheer joy of their art, and the daily struggle to live in Serbia and the demands it places on a marriage between two very different people. There will be live music before the film, and afterwards an in-person Q&A with director Catherine Harte and Faith and Branko.

Bury Us! A Punk Rock Uprising + director/artist Q&A

Eight years in the making, and spanning over four decades of musical and revolutionary history, this is a compelling sonic journey through the turbulent events that defined the sound of Basque punk rock. Filmed in the Basque Country, Catalonia and Los Angeles, the documentary is built around the personal stories of Usua and Koldo, the fiery rock n’ roll duo known as Niña Coyote eta Chico Tornado whose rise from local venues to massive festivals is charted here. With a soundtrack featuring the movement’s most creative and best known names, including Willis Drummond, Negu Gorriak, R.I.P, Anestesia, Koratu and Audience, the film also features firsthand accounts from stars including Fermin Muguruza of the scene’s key role in catalyzing a cultural revolution while fighting against censorship in the Basque country. The film will be followed by an in-person Q&A with director Andrew Nethery and Niña Coyote eta Chico Tornado, and then a DJ set!

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