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Thu, 13 Apr

Jellied Reels presents: Aprile

Elaborating on the success of the widely acclaimed Caro Diario, Nanni Moretti revitalised his eccentric on-screen alter ego in Aprile. Shot over 3 years and featuring his own family, Nanni struggles with the triple traumas of first-time fatherhood, the never-ending fiasco of Italian politics and his own creative block. Determined to finish a satirical musical about a Trotskyite pastry chef set in 1950's Rome, Nanni instead becomes mired in producing a state-of-the-nation documentary that takes him from the ports of Puglia to Hyde Park's Speakers' Corner - with plenty of self-inflicted distraction along the way. A flurry of sly levity and earnest reflection concocted charmingly aboard Moretti's Vespa, Aprile is an invigorating twist of the personal and political that makes for a perfect Easter digestivo. "Moretti’s blend of passion, principle, and pleasure is a lofty political project." - Richard Brody, The New Yorker For more details about our monthly Jellied Reels screenings - follow us here!

Wed, 26 Apr

Jellied Reels: Vendredi Soir (Friday Night)

Unfolding almost wordlessly over the course of a Friday night in a gridlocked Paris (thanks to a transport strike, of course), Laure (Valérie Lemercier) packs up her apartment and prepares to move in with a man. As she sits in traffic, Jean (Vincent Lindon) appears in the headlights. She spends the night with him. With Claire Denis' (Beau Travail, White Material, High Life) typical magnetism, Vendredi Soir is delicately poised and considered without feeling contrived. Beautifully shot by cinematographer Agnès Godard, the camera floats through traffic jams, along hotel corridors and over entangled limbs with a tactile grace. A deft and defiant reinvention of the fairytale urban love story. "Denis constructs a world where desire unfolds in a radical present." - cléo journal. "A lyrical ode to unexpected pleasures." - New York Film Festival "A pointillist evocation of bustling urban twilight." - Irish Film Institute Screening with a surprise short film... ...and for more details about our monthly Jellied Reels screenings at The Castle - follow us here!

Thu, 11 May

Jellied Reels: The Cassandra Cat

A travelling circus and its magical feline mascot arrive in a provincial Czech town, unleashing mayhem as they expose the virtues, vices and desires of its unruly inhabitants. Part modern fairy tale, part colourful political metaphor, The Cassandra Cat (also known as When the Cat Comes) is a unique and glorious comic fantasy. Newly restored, Vojtech Jasný's Cannes award-winner leans into surreal satire and is one of the most visually inventive and uninhibited films of the Czechoslovak New Wave. "A gloriously goofy fairy tale...Jasný always keeps the tone light to the point of levitating. A treat." - Time Out Screening with kind permission of Second Run. ...and for more details about our monthly Jellied Reels screenings at The Castle - follow us here!

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