Cine-real presents: The General

75 mins

One of the most iconic films of all time - funny, exciting, inventive - from one of cinema's great pioneers, Buster Keaton.

This film finds hapless Southern railroad engineer Johnny Gray (Buster Keaton) facing off against Union soldiers during the American Civil War. When Johnny's fiancée, Annabelle Lee (Marion Mack), is accidentally taken away while on a train stolen by Northern forces, Gray pursues the soldiers...

'In these times when all risk is assumed by CGI effects, Keaton's squealing funny, exquisitely timed, death-defying leaps are all the more breathtaking.' - The Times 'A hilarious comedy and a thrilling action film. The General has it all' - Little White Lies

Ciné-Real is one of the only film clubs in the UK to exclusively play films from original 16mm prints. They are a non-profit organisation which aims to unite film makers and enthusiasts in their appreciation of classic film.

Buster Keaton, Marion Mack, Glen Cavander
Buster Keaton